齐天娱乐国际官网If you’re a curious, science-minded individual looking for a hands-on, immersive experience, the biology department is the right place for you. As a biology student, you’ll study life, individual organisms, their communities, and the systems, cells, and processes that make up living matter, preparing you for a successful career in health, research, or teaching.

齐天娱乐国际官网 Our Program

The Bachelor of Arts in Biology degree is designed to develop breadth, with an emphasis on chemistry that provides maximum flexibility in career choices. Students with this major may pursue careers in health sciences, industry, environmental sciences, and other related areas.

The Bachelor of Science in Biology degree is intended for students who plan to a) enter graduate studies in biology or related fields, or b) enter health professional schools in medicine, dentistry, veterinary, pharmacy, or related fields. This degree differs from the Bachelor of Arts in content depth and optimal preparation for professional careers.

What Could You Do?

Conservation Scientist
Environmental Scientist
Food Science Technician
Pharmaceutical Sales
Biology Teacher

Degree Offerings & Course Requirements

Science Department

Bachelor of Arts Degree, B.A.

Bachelor of Science Degree, B.S.

Program Faculty

Alexander Alexiades

Assistant Professor

Jessica Black

Director, Center for Indigenous Health, Culture & Environment / Chair, Dept. of Natural Science


Hector Franco

Adjunct Faculty

Robert Kao

Assistant Professor

David Laman

Associate Professor

Gina Many

Gina Many

Adjunct Faculty

Tyson Miller



David Olden

齐天娱乐国际官网Adjunct Faculty

Melvin Simoyi

齐天娱乐国际官网Associate Professor

Sanna Zintzun

Chemical Hygiene Officer/Lab Tech

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