Welcome to Heritage University’s College in the High School Program

Are you:

  • A high school junior or senior?
  • Interested in earning both high school and college credit in the same class?
  • Doing the above FOR FREE?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then we have just the program for you!

The College in the High School (CiHS) program at Heritage University (HU) provides access for advanced study for qualifying high school students in a manner that minimizes enrollment barriers. The CiHS program helps students increase preparedness for college through exposure to college-level work as provided through HU. In addition, students can earn college credit when their performance demonstrates the required competencies for the HU courses. Heritage University offers this great opportunity to students at no charge.

By participating in CiHS, high school students can potentially earn BOTH high school credits and college credits from HU for a college transcript. Students earn credits from HU when they complete all required work with a grade of “C” or better, as determined by HU faculty assisting their high school teacher. Grades of “C” or lower will not earn HU credit and no college transcript will be created. This maximize the student benefit for a successful performance and minimize student risk for unsuccessful attempts at the college level work.

All high school juniors and seniors are eligible to participate in the CiHS program. High school sophomores can participate in consultation with the lead HU faculty member in charge of the course in question.

齐天娱乐国际官网Students are not charged for participation or for college credits earned. Additionally, the program includes one transcript sent to the college of the student’s choice.

齐天娱乐国际官网The CiHS program is available during HU fall and spring semesters.

Students in classroom raising hand teacher

Registration Process

齐天娱乐国际官网Click button below to download instructions with screenshots

Visit heritage.edu/apply

  • Registration Step 1: To create an account within our portal, follow the steps shown. The highlighted fields are required information that we need from you in order to create an account to access the application.
    • Please type the school you currently attend in the following format:
      AC Davis High School
      Dwight D Eisenhower High School
    • Once you have completed the required information please click “Save and go to Step 2”
  • Registration Step 2: Your email address will automatically be created as the Username. Proceed to create your own password and click “Complete Registration”
  • An email will be sent to the email address provided, with a link to confirm your account registration to our portal.
  • Once you have activated your account, click on the URL link provided to you, which will redirect you to our portal where you can use your login information that you have created to begin the application.
    • Username-Please use the email address you provided during the account creation process
    • Password- Please use the password you created during the account creation
  • Once you are logged into the portal you can now begin the application process for College in the High School. Click “Create new application”
  • Use the first option of “What type of degree do you want to earn?” to select “I am a Heritage University College in the High School participant”
    • This will let our Admissions office know that you are a College in the High School participant only and not a potential new applicant. By filling out this application, you will not be applying to Heritage University or be in a degree seeking program.
    • Click “Submit”
  • The highlighted sections need to be completed with your information. Click each one to access this section of the application. Each section will appear above the gray box and you can proceed to “Begin” to complete the information that is required.
  • Once all of the sections have been completed there will be green check marks next to each section indicating that you have successfully completed the required information as shown below.
    • Click on “Verification” to proceed to completing your registration
    • Click “Save changes”
    • Click the “Submit Application” button


Dan Sisk

Dan Sisk
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