Getting An Education After Your Service

齐天娱乐国际官网If you’re a veteran of the U.S. military, you can apply to Heritage and for VA benefits at the same time. Heritage may also allow credit for your military service activities that have educational content to students who have acceptable military records.

齐天娱乐国际官网For any questions throughout the process, please contact:

Luis Gutierrez
(509) 865-8505

3240 Fort Road
齐天娱乐国际官网 Toppenish, WA  98948

On-Campus Location:  Student Services Building
Lunch: 12 – 1 p.m.
Phone:齐天娱乐国际官网 (509) 865-8505
Cell Phone: (509) 480-8250

Certifying School Official also serves as the Registrar and email communication is highly encouraged. Students are always welcomed to stop by as walk-ins.

Ready to Start Unstoppable You?

Here’s a quick overview of the process for veterans like you:

  1. Apply for Admission
    1. Allow 12 weeks for the VA to determine your eligibility
    2. Bring your VA eligibility certificate to the Veterans Office
  2. – Required of all students pursuing a degree or certificate
  3. Register for Classes
  4. Information for Reasonable Accommodations for students with disabilities
  5. Additional Student Services
  6. Pay Tuition
  7. Follow-up with VA Certifying Official
  8. Attend classes
  9. Check Academic Deadlines